Shallow Pit Systems

IMG_1385The Shallow Pit system was developed in the 90’s as an alternative to expensive basement systems. The Shallow Pit system is a 2′ deep pit made from fiberglass. The technician glides under the vehicle on his back lying on a horizontal, padded sled. The experience for the technician is claustrophobic. The fiberglass pit begins to break down after a couple of years from the exposure to petroleum. Overall, it’s a good, cost effective system, but the new Auto Service Pit (ASP) System vastly surpasses it.

The ASP System pit is lined in heavy gauge Aluminum Tread Bright / Diamond Plate which stands up to petroleum and daily abuse. The ASP System pit is 4′ deep, and allows the technician to sit in a chair, rather than lie on his back. In short, there is much more space in our Pit System. The ASP System has an oil filter storage cabinet embedded in the side, totally out of the way. All tools are fastened to the wall for easy organization. The ASP System out-distances the Shallow Pit System on every front.

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