Supporting Equipment

Aluminum Pit Cover

Basic Dimensions: 3’L x Width of Pit.

Durability and Longevity

Aluminum auto service pit covers are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion. They can withstand exposure to various environmental conditions, providing a long-lasting solution for covering service pits. The robust nature of aluminum ensures that the cover can endure frequent use and remain in good condition over time.

Lightweight Construction

Aluminum is a lightweight material compared to some other metals, making it easier to handle during installation and maintenance. The lightweight nature of aluminum covers simplifies the process of removing and replacing the cover when access to the service pit is required, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Customization and Precision Fit

Aluminum covers can be customized to fit specific pit dimensions precisely. This level of customization ensures a snug and secure fit, preventing debris, contaminants, and liquids from entering the service pit. The ability to tailor the cover to the exact size of the pit enhances its effectiveness in providing a sealed and protective barrier.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Aluminum is a low-maintenance material that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminum auto service pit covers are easy to clean and require minimal upkeep. This simplicity in maintenance contributes to a more efficient and cost-effective solution for covering service pits compared to covers made from materials that may require more attention.

Enhanced Safety and Stability

Aluminum covers provide a solid and stable surface, offering secure support for personnel, tools, and equipment. The stability of the cover contributes to a safer working environment in the service pit area. Additionally, the strength of aluminum ensures that the cover can withstand the weight and stress associated with various maintenance activities.

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Oil Dispensing Cabinet



The oil dispensing cabinet comes in 2 configurations, an 6-gun and an 8-gun style.  It is manufactured into 2 independant, self-standing units for the purpose of being able to be installed on each side of a post.  Made of durable aluminum, it is resistent to rust and corrosion.  

Our oil dispensing cabinet design mimics a simple gas station pump with each hose being able to service both bays.  The simplified design minimizes potential break points found in other systems, like overhead reels.  There are no springs to wear out.  Also, because the oil dispensing cabinet is installed along the wall, it reduces the overhead clutter of traditional reel systems which are mounted to the ceiling.

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Pit Stair System

Auto service pit stairs are an essential component of a service pit, providing safe and convenient access for technicians and other personnel. Here are three top benefits of auto service pit stairs:

Safety and Accessibility

One of the primary benefits of auto service pit stairs is the improvement of safety and accessibility. Stairs provide a stable and secure means for technicians to enter and exit the service pit. This reduces the risk of accidents or injuries associated with climbing in and out of the pit without proper access.

Efficient Workflow

Auto service pit stairs contribute to a more efficient workflow in the maintenance or repair process. Technicians can quickly and easily move between the pit and the ground level, allowing them to retrieve tools, parts, or perform additional tasks without unnecessary delays. This efficiency is crucial in busy automotive service environments.

Compliance with Safety Standards

Installing proper stairs for the service pit helps ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. Occupational safety guidelines often mandate the provision of safe access points for elevated work areas, and having dedicated stairs is a proactive measure to meet these standards. Compliance with safety regulations is not only essential for the well-being of personnel but also for avoiding potential legal issues and liabilities.

In summary, auto service pit stairs enhance safety, streamline workflow, and contribute to regulatory compliance in automotive service facilities. Properly designed and maintained stairs are essential for creating a secure and efficient environment for technicians working in and around service pits.

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Pit Lighting System

Proper lighting in an auto service pit is crucial for creating a safe and efficient working environment. Here are the top three benefits of having adequate auto service pit lighting:

Enhanced Safety

Good lighting is essential for promoting a safe working environment in auto service pits. Adequate illumination helps technicians identify potential hazards, tools, and equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Clear visibility ensures that technicians can perform their tasks with precision and awareness, enhancing overall safety.

Improved Work Quality and Efficiency

Quality lighting in the service pit enables technicians to inspect and work on vehicles more effectively. With sufficient illumination, technicians can identify issues, assess the condition of vehicle components, and carry out repairs with greater accuracy. This, in turn, leads to improved work quality and increased efficiency in the maintenance or repair process.

Increased Productivity and Reduced Downtime

Well-lit auto service pits contribute to increased productivity by reducing the time required for tasks. Technicians can work more efficiently when they can clearly see the details of the vehicle components and easily access tools. This efficiency can lead to faster turnaround times for vehicle maintenance or repairs, minimizing downtime and improving overall operational productivity.

In summary, auto service pit lighting is essential for creating a safe, efficient, and productive work environment. It enhances safety by reducing the risk of accidents, improves the quality of work performed, and contributes to increased productivity by enabling technicians to work more efficiently. Properly designed and maintained lighting systems are crucial for maximizing these benefits in auto service facilities.

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