Fleet Maintenance

fleet-managementFleet service is all about maximum efficiency – it’s a high volume business. Auto service by way of high-lift system is anything but fast, is costly to maintain, and presents many safety hazards to your technicians.

The Auto Service Pit (ASP) System is fast. It’s design maximizes technician efficiency. Many service tasks, like oil changes, don’t require a lift at all. Your technician is able to easily go below the vehicle in our patented pit system system. For those service tasks that need raise the vehicle, like tire rotation, the our ASP works hand-and-glove with low-lift systems, which safely raise the vehicle in seconds.

The Auto Service Pit (ASP) System is affordable. No expensive basements to dig, equip and maintain. No expensive high-lift systems to install and maintain. The beauty of our system is in its simplicity and the simplicity keeps the costs down.

The Auto Service Pit (ASP) System is safe. It’s safer than a basement system as basements often have water issues, which invites mold and mildew. It’s safer than a high-lift system, which are inherently dangerous to the vehicle and the technicians.

In summary, the Auto Service Pit (ASP) System is the best all-around auto-service solution that maximizes technician efficiency, keeps costs down because of its inherent simplicity, and safer than a basement system or a high-lift system.

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