Fast Lube Centers

IMG_20160303_184808104aAs a fast-lube center owner, increasing your profitability is designed to the efficiency of your operations.  The Auto Service Pit System was engineered for maximum efficiency.  Everything from the technician seat gliding system to embedding an 160+ oil filter cabinet in the wall, to providing space in the pit wall system for tools, beverages, intercom, etc.  Everything is right there at the technicians’ fingertips, right within reach.  He can’t help be be efficient.  We are more than just an oil change pit – so much more.  The quick lube industry is becoming more and more competitive and there are more and more of them popping up all the time.  It’s time to stand out by getting your customers in and out of your lube center in record time.  Our Pit System can handle all vehicles and most large duty trucks with our stock pit length of 21′.  If you requirements to service larger trucks, we can custom build a solution for you.