Auto Service Centers

4b0b7ea30a0d02b701566060ae29c23cAuto service centers have traditionally done oil changes using a basement system or via some variety of a high-lift system. Basement systems are expensive to install and equip, and can create a host of maintenance costs for the business – from equipment maintenance to leaks, mildew, mold, etc.  Technicians working in a wet basement environment can develop illnesses from constant exposure to these problems.  High lifts are inherently risky, expensive and require regular scheduled maintenance.  Not to mention, for the sake of access to the underside of a vehicle, it’s a slow way to go – much slower than driving over a basement.

Another service bay configuration that warrants consideration is the Auto Service Pit (ASP) System.  Coming in at a fraction of the cost of a basement and/or high-lift system, it is the clear economic winner.  It is also the most efficient way to change oil.  No lifts needed – no time to raise them up or down.  No risks.  It’s quick and easy.  The ASP System allows your technician to descend into a 4′ pit, sit on a comfortable chair and rail system and slide back and forth beneath the vehicle effortlessly.  The ASP System works well with safer low-lift systems.

Installing an ASP System into an existing auto service center environment is simple to do, with minor modifications depending on the environment.  We can install our system in a basement or slab environment.  The less-safe, expensive to maintain, high-lift system will be replaced by a low-lift system.

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