The Pit

The sealed, reinforced concrete pit is 17′ to 21′ long, 40″ wide and 4’ deep.

Pit Liner

Made of aluminum trade bright.

Preformed Pit Walls

The unit comes with the pit preformed with our exclusive design. It makes installation very easy and saves a lot of time and money.

Car Guide Rails

Car Guide Rails come as part of the pit system, painted safety yellow, and extends the length of the pit.

Non-Skid Safety Steps

All of our steps into the pit are covered with safety nonskid material.

Oil Recovery

System Pan

Our one-of-a-kind oil recovery pan system is unique in every way. It is designed to recover the waste oil of about 6 or 7 cars before it needs to be dumped. This is accomplished by a quick dump into the oil tank that comes as part of the Pit system.

Pit Waste Oil Tank

Our exclusive waste oil tank is custom built, and has many features.

Waste Oil Pump System

Each pit has its own waste oil pump system. Your technician can work all day without dumping the built-in waste oil tank which has its own waste oil pump. The waste oil tank can be dumped in approximately 3 minutes.

Old Waste Oil

Filters System

Our exclusive waste oil filter is very handy. Most all fast lube oil centers put the waste oil filter on top of the oil drain pan to drain the oil out. This is not good for many reasons. We have designed a better way with a rack built on the waste oil tank that allows the oil to drain directly into the tank.

New Filter

Lubricator System

The filter lubricator is located and built onto the oil tank. This allows your technician to pre-lubricate the new oil filter without a mess, and gives him a clean filter that is lubricated with clean oil.

Track System

The system is mounted on our award winning track system. The track allows your technician to move fast and more efficiently to get the job done in a timely manner.

Technician Glider Seat

The one-of-a-kind, high-tech track glider seat system makes it easier for your technician to move about more freely and quickly. This can provide your customers with faster and better service. At the same time, it helps your technician stay rested on those demanding work days.

Tool Box

Our tool box is mounted on the wall of the pit for fast access for your technician.

Intercom System

Our intercom system is mounted on the pit wall, and is handy for your upper and lower technicians to communicate.

Technician Beverage Holder

A beverage holder is conveniently mounted on the wall in the pit system to give your technician the ability to remain hydrated. With this built-in holder, your technician always knows where his drink is, which reduces the chance of accidental spills on the pit floor.

Filter Storage Rack

We have filter storage compartments with built-in sliding filter racks. This unique storage makes it fast and handy for your technician. The rack will hold approximately 160 filters.

Non-Skid Floor

Our nonskid floor system is great looking and designed with non-skid black and safety yellow.


 Proper lighting in the pit area is a key factor in your technician’s ability to perform.

Pit covers are an essential safety element, preventing accidental falls into the pit. In most cities, it is code mandated.

6k or 9k lbs systems

We affix our custom pegboard to the Pit Waste Oil Tank to give the ability to hang tools and supplies

Air and Heat plumbed right into the pit to help keep your technician comfortable

 Allowing customers to view the activity below the vehicle helps to build trust

Lease Options and Financing Available

Work with a number of lenders who are able to financing your lube or auto service pit system. If you have any questions about our options, please contact us.

Training Available

If you are new to the Oil/Lube business, then you are going to need training to get you started. We can help. Please contact us for details.


✔ Financing Available

✔ Turnkey System

✔ Training Available