ASP System comparison with Traditional Basement Systems and the Shallow Pit System

ItemAuto Service Pit (ASP) SystemTypical Basement SystemHorizonal/Reclined Sled Shallow Pit System
Basement Excavation CostN/AApproximately $95,000 for a 3-bay shopN/A
Basement Equipment CostsN/AApproximately $72,000N/A
Excavation Depth4'15'2'
Basement/Pit Equipment NeededWaste Oil Pump System (Included)Pumps
Catwalk Tanks
Venting System
Heavy Metal Stairs
Sump Pump
Elaborate Plumbing
Waste Oil Pump System
Pit System MaterialsSteel, AluminumN/AFiberglass (begins to break down in 3 to 5 years due to the constant exposure to petroleum)
Water Seepage/Flooding
Sealed EnvironmentYesNoYes
Permitting ProcessSimplified because of the sealed environmentRestrictive - permit approval can be slow to impossibleSimplified because of the sealed environment
Oil Filter StorageYes - embedded in the side of the ASP System - holds 160 filtersYesOutside of the Pit in an external cabinet or on a rack - all on the main floor level
Technician Working EnvironmentCleanBreathing hazard in basements with water problemsClean
Time to Install3 Days on average2-4 Weeks3 Days on average
Heated and Cooled EnvironmentAn option with the ASP System. Relatively inexpensive because of the relatively small size of the pit.Costly because of the size of the basementAn option
High-Tech Technician Glider SeatYes - ensures that your technician is comfortable while workingNone - Technicians are standing on a catwalk systemTechnicians Glide on their backs. Because they are on their backs, debris from the vehicle can fall into their faces.
Track SystemYes - your technician is able to glide effortless from end of the vehicle to the other with very little energy expendedNone - Technicians walk Yes - your technician is able to glide effortless from end of the vehicle to the other - however, because of the limited clearance, knees can hit the vehicle
Technician Working SpaceThe average-sized technician sits in a 4' deep, 4' wide pit and and rotate his chair 360 degreesAmple SpaceYour technician's total space is between him and the vehicle is about 12 inches, which can feel a little clostrophobic
Conversion to an ASP SystemN/AYesYes

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