Commercial Vehicle Inspection Pits

Keep your fleet on the road with QuickPit™

You can spend less time inspecting trucks, vehicle fleets and more time earning money with our Commercial Vehicle Inspection Pit.

A game-changing innovation for truck service technicians.


The pit is a game-changing fixture for commercial vehicle inspection, providing an efficient and practical way for truck service technicians to test drive vehicles’ tire pressure and perform various other inspections.

image of an electric car charging

Save time, save money.

Wasteful practices that slow down your service and increase your costs are a thing of the past. With our waste-oil handling and movement system, you can reduce time spent on cleanup by 50%. It’s easier to keep your vehicles operating smoothly with less maintenance when the job is done right the first time.

Reduce service technician fatigue.

With the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Pit, technicians can focus on their job without worrying about tripping over cables or other equipment. The clean, organized environment is also safer and more comfortable for technicians.

image of an electric car charging
image of an electric car charging

service technicians are now safe and efficient.

QuickPit™️ Vehicle Service Pit System removes the clutter and distractions of a truck technician’s workspace, while still providing ample room for storing items that may be needed over the day. That means more time to work on inspections and less time working on the ground.

Our Commercial Vehicle Inspection Pits are Ideal for:

Forklift Inspections

A fleet of golf carts

Golf Cart Fleet Maintenance

Electric Vehicle Inspection & Repair Shops


Faster and more productive inspections for Commercial Vehicles


✔ Financing Available

✔ Turnkey System

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