Car Wash Bay Conversion

One of the challenges in the car wash business is cash flow management and that related to a force that cannot be controlled – the weather.  To help solve this problem, why not consider putting in an Oil and Lube business in a spare couple of bays?  The conversion is relatively simple, cost effective and gives you some very beneficial diversification.  Few people will get their cars washed while it’s raining, but, many will have their cars serviced when it’s raining.  By putting in a Oil and Lube business, you are still making money, rain or shine.

Another important benefit for putting in an Oil and Lube business is the ability to cross promote your services.  If a customer comes in for a car wash, why not offer him a promotion to entice him to get his car serviced as well – and vice versa.  The businesses work hand and glove with each other.