Key Benefits Summary

Greater Profitability

The Auto Service Pit (ASP) system was built around maximizing efficiency and effectiveness which allows more vehicles to be serviced in the least amount of time possible – translating to a healthier bottom line.

Below are typical auto service pit/basement inefficiencies and our solutions to those inefficiencies:

Technician Weariness

DetailOur SolutionEffect and Benefit
On feet all dayHigh-Tech Glider SeatBy allowing your technician to sit while performing tasks, he conserves the energy normally expended walking on foot all day and is able to direct it to properly and speedily servicing the vehicles in his queue.
Walking all dayTrack SystemThe Glider Seat is made to slide easily and smoothly on our patented Track System allowing your technician to move about the underside of the vehicle without effort, which helps him direct his energy toward properly and speedily servicing the vehicles in his queue.
Extreme temperature environments/climates can make it difficult for your technician service vehicles with optimum efficiency.Piped In Heated and/or Cooled Air(Optional) During construction, we can plumb in heating/cooling air vents which can force the 'right' temperature air to help make the pit temperature optimal
Insufficient lighting in the garage making it difficult for your technician to see properly without strainingLED Lighting(Optional) LED Lighting is an excellent way to shine more light into the pit. The lighting can be battery operated or run from a 24 volt source.

Disorganized Tool Placement

DetailOur SolutionEffect and Benefit
Without a specific place to put tools that's out of the work space area, the tools get in the way or misplaced.Wall-mounted Tool BoxOur Tool Box system is mounted on the pit wall, entirely out of your technician's way. Each tool has a place, which keeps him from having to search around for tools laid down here and there.
Ample supply of readily accessible oil filters without cluttering the work areaEmbedded Filter Storage SystemWe have filter storage compartments with built-in sliding filter racks. This unique storage makes it fast and handy for your technician. The rack will hold approximately 160 filters.

Waste Oil Mishandling

DetailOur SolutionEffect and Benefit
If the Oil Recover Pan is not sufficiently sized, a technician must dump waste more frequently.Oil Recovery Pan SystemOur Oil Recovery Pan System is designed to recover the waste oil of about 6 or 7 cars before it needs to be dumped. When oil needs to be dumped, it takes only a few seconds to do and that into the strategically positioned Pit Waste Oil Tank.
Emptying the Oil Recover Pan must be as quick, clean and easy as possible.Pit Waste Oil TankThe Pit Waste Oil Tank is large enough to handle all of the waste oil from a pit service bay for an entire day.
Pumping the Waste Oil from Pit Waste Oil TankWaste Oil Pump SystemEach pit has its own waste oil pump system. Your technician can work all day without dumping the built-in waste oil tank which has its own waste oil pump. The waste oil tank can be dumped in approximately 3 minutes at the end of the day.
Not having a good place to drain Old Waste Oil FiltersOld Waste Oil Filters SystemOur exclusive waste oil filter is very handy. Most all fast lube oil centers put the waste oil filter on top of the oil drain pan to drain the oil out. This is not good for many reasons. We have designed a better way with a rack built on the waste oil tank that allows the oil to drain directly into the tank.

Inefficient Technician Communication

DetailOur SolutionEffect and Benefit
Technicians have to shout back and forth and important information not being properly transmittedIntercom SystemOur intercom system is mounted on the pit wall, and is handy for your upper and lower technicians to communicate. Shouting back and forth is eliminated.

Saves Money

The Automotive Service Pit (ASP) System is a money saver all the way around.  The biggest cost savings is not having to install and support a basement environment.  Another big expense for most shops is in the high-lift system.  Quality, high-lift systems are costly to install and costly to maintain.

Fewer Hassles / Less Stress

With the ASP system, all of the traditional hassles and expense of an auto service basement are eliminated – e.g. hard-to-get permits, expensive excavation, expensive equipment, mold, mildew, flooding, pests, not to mention technician turnover because most just don’t like to work in subterranean, unhealthy environments. Instead, with the ASP system, we have none of those issues.


The ASP system totally eliminates the need for expensive and dangerous high-lift systems. The ASP system works hand-and-glove with less-expensive, safer low-lift systems giving you the ability to provide a full range of automotive services without the safety headaches.


The ASP system is a complete, turnkey solution that, once installed, will easily pay for itself in short order.  You simply decide how many bays you want, decide which options you want to include and we can have you up and running a few short weeks.  Note: Installations in new buildings can take a little longer because of normal production schedule issues.


The ASP system is very affordable, especially when compared with the cost of installing and maintaining a basement system.  The big costs with a basement are in the digging, equipment outfitting, maintenance and problem remediation.  With the ASP system, there is the expense to put in a concrete sealed pit and the equipment that comes part of the ASP system package.

Financing Available

We work with a number of lenders which allow qualifying businesses to obtain up to 100% financing.
Getting an ASP system, from order to installation, can be done within a couple of weeks. The actual installation takes 2 to 3 days, which means that your down time per service bay is held to an absolute minimum.

Sealed Drawings/Plans

We take our design seriously and have spent the time and resources to produce sealed drawings/plans by professional engineers. What does this mean to you? It means that you are getting the highest quality product that is engineered properly – a product that will hold up and perform over time.

ASP Is Green

Developing systems with a minimum impact on the environment is a passion of ours. Our Auto Service Pit (ASP) System is a sealed system, which means nothing spilled inside the pit will leach into the ground.  Also, all plastic components are made from recycled plastic stocks.

Made in the USA

At a time when jobs are being shipped overseas, we prefer to keep our manufacturing process right here in the United States.

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