Converting Basement Systems

Easy & Worry-free Auto Basement Conversion to QuickPit™️ Auto Service Pit

Expensive, Hazardous Basement Systems Should be a Thing of the Past

Auto Service Basements have been a very popular design servicing vehicles for decades. However, basements are expensive to excavate, equip and maintain. Local ordinances are also making it more difficult to construct due to ecological concerns. In addition, auto service basement properties are more difficult to sell because of possible soil contamination issues. In addition, water penetration inherent in the basement design creates mold and mildew growth, with can damage equipment, as well as create a host of health issues for the technicians that work in that environment regularly. All of these things add up to basements moving out of vogue.

The QuickPit™️  System is the new, smart-design auto service pit system that does away with basements and therefore bypasses all of their problems. QuickPit™️ sits in a sealed, single-pour concrete foundation that is only 4′ deep. No permit hassles. No resale hassles.

QuickPit™️ offers a safer, more efficient environment for your techs!

The technician sits in our pit on a patented chair and rail system which allows him to effortlessly glide back and forth to all of the necessary undercarriage touch points on a vehicle. His tools are mounted on the wall for easy access. Oil filters reside in a specially designed oil filter cabinet embedded in the pit wall.

There is an intercom system that allows the technician to easily communicate with other technicians working top side. There is a built-in beverage holder mounted to the pit wall. We even have a heating and air conditioning option available for those that live in more extreme climates.


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