Auto Service Pit System

The Auto Service Pit (QuickPit) System is a One-of-a-Kind and a Big Money Saver

What Is The Auto Service Pit (QuickPit) System?

System Installation

The Auto Service Pit (QuickPit) System is a concrete-lined, sealed, full-service automobile service pit system that eliminates the need for costly and hazardous basements or high-maintenance, risky high-lift systems. The pit is recessed 4′ feet underground and the technician, in a patented seat-on rail system, is able to comfortably and effortlessly glide to all of the necessary touch-points of the vehicle.

All of his oil filters are neatly stored in a recessed filter storage cabinet – totally out of working area space. He has a drink holder fastened to the wall where he can put his favorite beverage so he’s able to stay hydrated. He also has an intercom system affixed to the wall which allows him to easily communicate with other technicians and/or his service manager. Optionally, the pit area can be heated or cooled with forced air to offset temperature extremes. With the installation of the optional low-lift systems, the wheel systems can also be worked on.

Who Should Consider This?

  • Existing shallow pit systems
  • Start-ups (new construction or existing building)
  • Car wash owners looking to diversify (The Oil/Lube business is an excellent way to offset those dreaded ‘rainy days’)
  • Auto dealers
  • Fleet maintenance companies

Key Benefits

  1. Greater Profitability
  2. Saves Money
  3. Fewer Hassles / Less Stress
  4. Safe
  5. Turnkey
  6. Affordable
  7. Financing Available

Feature Highlights

  • Sealed, Auto Service Pit (17′ to 21′ Long, 4′ Deep, 40″ Wide)
  • Technician Slides Effortlessly in Pit on Chair and Rail System
  • Tools Affixed to Pit Wall Out of the Technician’s Way
  • Clutter-Free Technician Work Environment
  • Inset Pit Filter Cabinet – Holds 160 Filters
  • Works with all Low-Lift Systems
  • Maximum Technician Safety, Comfort, Efficiency
  • Efficient and Easy Waste Oil Handling and Movement
  • Energy-Saving LED Pit Lighting (Option)
  • Easy to Keep Clean
  • Engineer-Sealed Plans
  • Replaces Basements and Shallow Pit Systems
  • PATENTED Unique System Design
  • Getting Permits Approved Is a Snap!
  • and More…

✔ Lease Options Available

✔ Financing Available

✔ Turnkey System

✔ Training Available

Cross Promotion

Additionally, for the car wash owner, converting one or more of your less-used car wash service bays with our system will help you generate income, even on those rainy days.



✔ Financing Available

✔ Turnkey System

✔ Training Available